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KTEC Group Labelling & Barcode Systems introduce the FX1200e Digital Finishing System from Primera!

Digital Label Finishing has never been this fast, easy and affordable!

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Until now digital label finishing has been expensive, complicated and not particularly well refined, but no longer! Primera's FX1200e Digital Finishing System is here!

This innovative new machine is ready to meet the demands of converters and manufacturers who need reliable, professional grade finishing equipment to complete their digital label production.

FX1200e is an "all-in-one" off-line solution that produces rolls of finished labels produced by a variety of narrow-web output devices including the Primera CX1200e Digital Laser Label Press.

FX1200e applications - laminating, die cutting, matrix removal, slitting, rewinding

Touch Screen Controls

All setup and operation is controlled through an integrated touch screen PC. Most jobs take only a few minutes to set up and start running. You can easily adjust job parameters "on-the-fly" due to the significant built-in processing power and on-board memory - a unique feature in this category of digital finishing systems. The wide-screen colour LCD display is easily visible in many different lighting conditions.

Cut any size or shape without dies

Instead of hard-tooled or flexible steel dies the FX1200e utilises digitally controlled tungsten carbide steel knife blades. With the FX1200e you'll never have to buy a die or wait for it to be made and delivered. Your turnarounds will be faster and the time and cost savings are significant.

Quadracut logoFinishing speeds of up to 30 feet per minute (9.14 metres per minute) are accomplished with Primera's exclusive QuadraCut™ technology (patent pending). QuadraCut uses up to four knife blades at a time across the web. This feature dramatically increases throughput compared to systems that have just a single blade.

You can virtually cut any size or shape from various pressure-sensitive substrates including matt and gloss paper, polyester, vinyl, polypropylene, BOPP and more.

Precise re-registration to pre-printed images is accomplished with dual two-zone timing mark sensors.

A complete digital solution

The FX1200e is the perfect companion to a variety of narrow-web digital output devices including Primera's CX1200e digital colour label press (colour laser technology) and the LX900e colour label printer (inkjet technology). With Primera's digital printing and finishing equipment you get a complete digital label printing and finishing solution from a single vendor at a new, breakthrough price.

Gray market import warningBEWARE "GRAY IMPORT" PRIMERA PRODUCTS!
Primera products for sale by companies outside the UK may look attractively priced on first inspection, however Primera do not offer any warranty within the UK on these products and you may not be able to obtain any technical support. Make certain that you buy from a Primera authorized dealer like KTEC Group to get a full 2 year warranty and dedicated technical support. You can now easily identify a European sourced Primera product by the "e" suffix to the model number FX1200e.

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